Fathers Day Party Ideas

Show your love with a Fathers Day Party! Father’s Day is a special day that Dad’s look forward to all year long. They love to be celebrated and spoiled. All fathers would love a specially made father’s day card, fathers day craft, father’s day poem and especially a fantastic fathers day gift. Father’s day is not supposed to be about the gift, but who is kidding who, father’s love to feel important and love their presents. Spoil your dad this father’s day and let him know how much you love him!

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Traditional Father’s Day Gifts

  • Personal craft
  • Gadgets and tools of all kinds
  • Framed photograph

Fathers Day Gift Baskets

  • Nascar Lovers Gift Chest/Basket
  • Golfing Around Gift Bag
  • Beers from around the world
  • Vintage wine
  • BBQ sauces
  • Box of cigars
  • Simply Delicious Basket of Gourmet cheeses and sausages

Hobby Fathers Day Gift

  • Golf item or lessons
  • Seats for a favorite sporting event
  • BBQ tools and accessories
  • Tailgating BBQ
  • Garden ornament or tool

Fathers Day Crafts

Blow Aliens

  • Water down some regular paint (choose at least two colors)
  • Put two medium sized blops of paint side by side (one of each color)
  • Put a straw over the paint and blow through the straw. This will create the alien shape.
  • When the paint dries, draw on the face with a black marker

Garage / Shed / Workshop / Bar Sign (make sure you use safety precautions)

  • Get at your local hardware or craft store a wooden sign
  • Customize it at the store or at home "Dad’s _______."
  • If done at home use a rooter or even Sharpie (permanent) markers
  • Do a drawing or a child’s hand print
  • When the design is finished cover the sign with polyurethane
  • Decorative Beer Bottles
  • Go to a local craft store and let your child pick out some craft items
  • Help your child decorate some beer bottles (use a hot glue gun)
  • They will look cute with ribbons, pompoms, glitter shapes, etc.
  • Then wrap each beer bottle with tissue paper (use two colors) tying a ribbon on the top
  • Place them in a cute father’s day gift bag

Write and Illustrate a Father’s Day book

  • Write about events that happened between you and your father
  • Dedicate the book to your Father

Fathers Day Party Activities

  • Make Dad breakfast in bed
  • Have a Fathers Day Party at Dad’s favorite restaurant / pub
  • Have a Picnic
  • Go to the Beach
  • Send Dad to a sporting event with friends / family

Fathers Day Poems

Write your own unique poem for your Father, Husband, Son and / or Grandson for Father’s Day. This might seem more difficult than it really is, so here are some quick pointers that may help.

Some Poetry hints:

  • Keep it simple
  • It does not need to rhyme
  • Jot down some ideas or thoughts about the person that you are writing about
  • Make a theme – love, appreciation, humor, etc.
  • Select a style (optional)
  • May help to write your poem to follow a structure
  • Copy the tune /rhythm of your father’s favorite song
  • Try to write a first draft (will not be perfect and don’t try to be perfect)
  • Revise a couple of times (take a few breaks)

Here is a cute anonymous example of a Father’s Day Poem:

Daddy, I Love You

Daddy, I love you
For all that you do.
I'll kiss you and hug you
'Cause you love me, too.

You feed me and need me
To teach you to play,
So smile 'cause I love you
On this Father's Day.
(Author Unknown)

Father’s Day Book Ideas

  • The 10 Best Things About My Dad by Christine Loomis
  • My Dad by Anthony Browne (this is a personal favorite of our very young children)