Sesame Street Party Ideas

"The Sesame Street characters will be a delight to have at
your child’s Sesame Street Party!"

Sesame Street Party

Who knew that the educational children’s television series Sesame Street could become an icon to children around the world (for over 40 years and broadcast in 140 countries).

Sesame Street Party Supplies and
Sesame Street Birthday Decoration Ideas

Sesame Street Ultimate Birthday Box

  • Make your own Sesame Street Birthday Party Invitations using cardstock. Download a Sesame Street picture or use Sesame Street stickers. If using a picture try to glue on googly eyes and outline the picture with glitter glue (both favourites with children)

  • Write a cute saying like on the show:
    "This Sesame Street party is brought to you by the letter ___ and the number ___.

  • Use Sesame Street Colour theme of green, red, yellow and blue
  • Match your favourite character (lots of bright cheery colours. e.g., Elmo’s colour theme would be red, blue, yellow, green and orange. Abby Cadabby pink, purple and light blue)
  • Kids love lots of balloons. Especially Sesame Street Balloons
  • Sesame Street party supplies plates, napkins, tablecloth, centerpiece, etc.

Celebrate with Sesame Street for a
1st Birthday Party!

Elmo's 1st Birthday Deluxe Box

Sesame Street Characters

Abby Cadabby; Alice Snuffleupagus; Aloysius Snuffleupagus; Baby Bear; Baby Natasha; Barkley the Dog; Bert; Betty Lou; Big Bird; Bruno; Buster the Horse; Colambo; Cookie Monster; Count Von Count; Countess Von Backwards; Countess Darling Von Darling; Curly Bear; Elmo; Ernie; Mr. Johnson; Forgetful Jones; Gladys the Cow; Grover; Grundgetta; Guy Smiley; Harvey Kneeslapper; Herry Monster; Hoots The Owl; Kingston Livingston III; Little Bird; Mumford the Magician; Murray Monster; Oscar; Prairie Dawn; Prince Charming; Rosita; Sherlock Hemlock; Slimey the Worm; Sonny Friendly; Telly Monster; The Honkers; The Martians ( Yip Yips); The Twiddlebugs; Two-Headed Monster; Zoe and Kermit the Frog.

Sesame Street Party Games and Activities

  • Sesame Street colouring pages at the start of the party
  • Musical chairs Use small colourful chairs (I found some at a ‘dollar’ type store with six different colours) Play Sesame Street music or child friendly music
  • Tickle Me Elmo Like hot potato. Sit in a circle and pass an object around (Sesame Street stuffed animal) when the music stops that guest gets tickled
  • Cookie Monsters Cookies Make sugar cookies and have the guests decorate
  • Pin the Wand on Abby Cadabby
  • Make Colourful necklaces
  • Use yarn and string on fruit loops cereal. This looks colourful and kids 2 years and up to the age 8 / 9 love this activity!
  • Ring around the rosy
  • Ernie, Ernie, Bert! Play like duck, duck, goose
  • Elmo Says Like Simon says
  • Craft Circle Use a paper plate, large googly eyes, yarn and markers to create you favourite Sesame Street Character
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Sesame Street Birthday Party Food

  • Pizza
  • Fishy crackers
  • Hot Dogs
  • Juice
  • Seame Street cupcakes are great for this age!
    • Decorate the tops with the characters faces (a little difficult)
    • Decorate the tops with cupcake toppers
    • Decorate the tops with coloured sprinkles (red, blue, green, and yellow)

Sesame Street Party Favors

  • Colouring book and crayons
  • Sesame Street blow out
  • Yellow rubber ducky
  • Bouncy ball

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