Tinkerbell Party Ideas

Tinkerbell Party Tinkerbell would love to come spread some cheer and pixie dust at your Tinkerbell Party. Since her new movies have been released Tinkerbell is quite popular. She is beautiful, intelligent and interesting. There are lots of fun activities that your guests could tinker with at your Tinkerbell party.

Tinkerbell Party Supplies and Decorations

  • Use the colour theme pink, purple, silver and citrus green
  • Create the scene of Tink’s workshop and Pixie Hollow
  • Hang lots of green, pink and purple streamers and balloons
  • Hang twinkle lights in the sky that will look like stars and fireflies
  • Twist brown butcher block paper to create tree trunks and branches (3D coming out of your wall) and use construction paper (with tissue paper and glitter glue) to create branches.
  • Just like above, make some flowers (paint the butcher block paper green for the stems)
  • In the trees and hiding amongst the flowers hang some pictures of Tink’s fairy friends (Queen Clarion, Clank (tinker fairy), Bobble (tinker fairy), Cheese the mouse, Fairy Mary, Silvermist (water fairy), Iridessa (light fairy), Fawn (animal fairy), Vidia (wind fairy), Terence (dist fairty), and Blaze (firefly)

Tinkerbell Party Games and Activities

  • Tinker Dust (you can buy body glitter) Add the glitter to the guests faces once they become a fairy of special talent!

  • Moonstone Necklace Making Have a wide variety of glass beads and necklace making material

  • Treasure Hunt Use a map and compass. At each step of the treasure hunt have extra little rhyming notes with clues to continue on the hunt. Have presents hidden at the end of the treasure hunt.

  • Pin the Moonstone on the Scepter Like pin the tail on the donkey

  • Fairy 3D Picture Use construction paper, paper lunch bag, green tissue paper, fairy stickers and glue and glitter (or glitter glue). Cut 4 strips half way down the top of the lunch bag. Twist all the pieces (they will become the branches and trunk of the trees). Staple the trees onto the construction paper. Glue the tissue paper on the trees (crunch up little squares or use the end of a pencil). Stick on the fairy stickers. Add the glue drops and glitter on top to make the stars and fireflies. These look fantastic!!!

  • Fun Printable Birthday Games

Tinkerbell Birthday Food
Tinkerbell Cake Ideas

  • Pink lemonade
  • Pixie Dust cupcakes. Make regular cupcakes and icing of choice. In two small dishes have lots of crystal sprinkles in one and the other has ground up graham cracker crumbs. Dip the icing in to cover the top. Then all you have to do is add a fairy cake topper or candle.

Tinkerbell Party Shared by Grace

Birthday Party Idea Shared by Grace

Tinkerbell Cake
Tinkerbell Cake

Tinkerbell Birthday Party Favors

  • Hair accessories with Tinkerbell
  • Tinkerbell brush
  • Notepad and feather pen (like a Marabou pen)
  • Pixie sticks
  • Tinkerbell lip gloss

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