Buzz Lightyear Cake

Buzz Lightyear Cake: For my son’s birthday he wanted to take his friends to watch the new Toy Story 3 movie. I thought that it would be tough to put all the characters on the cake to make a toy story cake, so I asked him which character was his favorite. He told me that Buzz Lightyear was his favorite.

This means that we could then call it a Buzz Lightyear party and we then could have a cake of Buzz lightyear. This really took the pressure off for making the cake.

I used a Buzz Lightyear cake pan to make the shape. The difficult part was that there are lots of lines to create on this character (I used black with tip #3).

Once the lines were on the cake really it was just like color by number to fill in all the pieces. I must admit I felt like there were lots of colors to go on the cake (black, blue, white, green, red, yellow, purple and grey).

I mixed all the colors myself using the Wilton colors and it was really easy! I also used my new toy the Wilton Trim n’ Turn Ultra. It was fantastic!

I was surprised how often I turned to cake to look at it from all angles and also to jump around with all the colors. What a great discovery the turn table was for speed and accuracy while icing the Buzz Lightyear birthday cake.

My little space ranger loved this Toy Story 3 cake. It was a fun finally to the Buzz Lightyear party.

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