Toy Story Party Ideas

Toy Story Party Woody, Buzz and the gang are so excited about your Toy Story Party! With the thrill of another Toy Story Movie coming out in the theatres, hosting a Toy Story Theme Party is perfect for your next birthday party. All the neighbourhood kids will be so excited to be invited to a Toy Story Birthday Party!

Toy Story 3 Party Supplies
Toy Story 3 Party Ideas

  • Use some of the following: Toy Story plates, Toy Story cups, and Toy Story napkins
  • Round up your guests with some fun Toy Story Invitations
  • Give each of your guests a cowboy vest and hat when they arrive at the party!
  • Use the color theme Blue, green and orange
  • Set up your house like Andy’s room
  • Hang Toy Story Mylar Balloons and
  • Hang Blue and Green Streamers
  • Use a Toy Story 3 Table Cover

Toy Story Games and Activities

Our Toy Story Party Games are a blast! All your guests will have a great time and have lots of fun!

Toy Story Theme Party Food

  • Fruit juice, lemonade, soda
  • Make your own cookies
  • Make your own Pizza (like from Pizza Planet)
  • Make a Toy Story Cake!
  • Rocket Cake
Buzz Lightyear Cake
Buzz Lightyear Cake
Dinosaur Cake
Dinosaur Cake

Toy Story Birthday Party Favors

  • Use Toy Story Loot bags
  • Toy Story blowers
  • Toy Story stickers
  • Toy Story tattoos
  • Bandana (can also double as a loot bag)
  • Toy Story toys
  • Toy Story gummies

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