Dora The Explorer Party Ideas

Dora Party Supplies Welcome to our Dora The Explorer Party page. Here you will find helpful party tips and decorating ideas for your child next birthday party. Be sure to plan at least several weeks ahead to give you lots of time to set the scene, organize food and drinks, and to make sure invitations are sent on time. Have guests dress as Dora or favorite Dora character.

Dora Party Supplies and Decorations

  • Use a Dora and Deigo Scene Setter
  • Make and hang “The Map”
  • Use the colours pink, yellow, orange, purple and red for your:
    • Streamers
    • Bouquets of tissue paper
    • Confetti
    • Balloons
  • Mylar Dora Balloons
  • If you are creative make a large Dora poster with the head cut out for guests to have their photo taken
  • Happy birthday Dora Banner
  • Jungle decorations
  • Inflatable palm trees
  • Coconuts
  • Make your own hanging vines
  • Paper Dora plates, napkins, table cloth, cups, hats and party blowers
  • Backpack: Rope, Magnify glass, Binoculars, telescope

Dora The Explorer Birthday Invitations

On the invitation use the Dora Logo with your child’s name. Decorate with Dora Stamps and stickers. Make it look a”Dora”ble! Here’s a sample of what you can write on the inside:

Hola! Are you ready to explore? Come to a “Your child’s name” Explorer Party. Let’s Go! Vamonos! We’re having a Fiesta. Where are we Going? (your Child’s) House. Who do we ask when we don’t know which way to go? Map! (Draw a little Map to your house. Mark an X where you live.) First we go to (list two other land marks in your area like a school or playground before getting to your house.) See you at the party Amigos!

Dora The Explorer Party Characters

  • Dora
  • Diego
  • Boots
  • Backpack
  • Swipper
  • Map
  • Tico the Squirrel
  • Isa the Iguana
  • Benny the Bull
  • The Grumpy Old Troll who lives under the bridge
  • Big Red Rooster

Dora Party Games,
Crafts and Activities

  • Printable Birthday Games
  • Have a Craft Center:
    • Use Dora stickers, foam shape stickers, Dora stamps, crayons, markers, feathers, beads
  • Make Binoculars out of toilet paper rolls
  • Decorate a sun visor
  • Make instruments and noise makers like Maracas
  • Make “The Map”
  • Make a telescope out of a paper towel roll or wrapping paper roll
  • Make Star catcher pockets, and star cut outs of all different colour stars
  • Have a pail of crayons with coloring books or an activity book
  • Make Dora friendship bracelets
  • Adventure Scavenger Hunt! Choose three locations:
    • Crocodile lake, Spooky forest, Highest mountain or your own destination
  • Have the Grumpy Old Troll who lives under the bridge. Make the kids have to answer a riddle. For the answer Have the kids sing the birthday song
  • Animal Charades
  • Pin the Boots on Boots, or Backpack on Dora
  • Read a Dora Story
  • Obstacle course :Go through a tunnel, go around pylons, jump over or through a hula hoop, climb a ladder and go down slide. At the end of the course have a treasure chest. Ask everyone “What do we need to open the chest? Let’s check Backpack. A key! Right!”
  • Watch the T.V. show
  • Put together a puzzle
  • Musical chairs to Dora theme music
  • More Kids party games

Dora The Explorer Party
Food and Drink

  • Pineapple punch
  • “Gator”ade
  • Mango juice
  • Dora Animal Crackers
  • Dora Fruit snacks
  • Tacos
  • Nacho chips and salsa
  • Banana split
  • Gummy worms
  • Cheese quesadillas
  • Pizza
  • Dora cake or cupcakes with Dora candles
  • Dora cookies
  • Fruit tray or kabobs
  • Chicken
  • Shrimp cocktail

Dora The Explorer Party Attire

  • Orange shorts
  • Pink shirt
  • Yellow socks
  • White shoes
  • Backpack
  • Dora Friendship bracelet
  • Sombrero
  • Fake Dora tattoos
  • Boots’ red boots
  • Glow in the dark bracelets
  • Have a parade with all the guests dressed up

Dora The Explorer Party Favors

  • Make a Backpack from brown lunch bags. Cut them in half, and cut strips with of the top half. Take two and make backpack straps by gluing, taping, or stapling them on the bottom half. On the outside write “Backpack!" "We Did It! Thanks for coming! We couldn’t have done it without you!"
  • Dora stickers
  • Dora books
  • Crayons
  • Dora Pencils
  • Glow in the dark bracelets
  • Toy Dora whistles
  • Activity books
  • Dora and friends action figures

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