High School Musical Party Ideas

High School Musical Party Your High School Musical Party is sure to be a smash sensation. Whether your favourite is High School Musical 1, 2 ,3 or maybe it will be the new 4th (coming 2010). Disney has done it again creating a hit with Troy and Gabrielle. With Perfect Party Ideas, your High School Musical Birthday Party will also be a hit!

High School Musical Party Supplies
and Decorations

  • High School Musical Deluxe Party Pack
  • High School Musical Decorations
  • Use the colour theme red, yellow and blue for balloons and streamers
  • Create the stage backdrop (this can be done inside or out). Hang a red sheet for the backdrop and yellow twinkle lights to create the mood.
  • Twist coloured yellow and blue cellophane and hang from tree branches, pergola, or ceiling.
  • Have a red carpet entrance into the party or leading to a movie room.
  • Play the High School Musical Soundtrack

High School Musical Party Games and Activities

  • Make a back stage pass
  • Learn or choreograph a new dance
  • Use pom poms and create a cheer
  • Freeze dance. Stop the music in the middle while everyone is dancing. They must hold their dance move until the music starts again!
  • Do the limbo
  • Sing some karaoke or play High School Musical Wii Sing it
  • Watch a movie or the series (great if it is a sleepover). Consider watching the Movie out under the stars. Set up a large sheet for a projection set up or bring out your TV and DVD
  • High School Musical trivia game
  • Name that High School Musical Tune
  • Document the event with pictures and video (that way you can put together a great thank you DVD of the event)
  • Fun Printable Party Games

High School Musical Birthday Food

  • Flavoured popcorn (in cute movie boxes)
  • Hot dogs
  • Pizza
  • Candy
  • Soda
  • Cake or cupcakes. Consider plain icing and stick in popsicle sticks with pictures from the movies on top.
  • If it is a sleepover, make Wildcat Waffles topped with strawberries and whip cream! This will be a great morning starter with some juice of course.

High School Musical Party Favors

  • High School Musical soundtrack CD
  • High School Musical DVD
  • Inflatable microphone or guitar
  • Stickers / tattoos
  • Journal and cool pen
  • Sweat band
  • Mini basket-ball
  • Document the event with pictures and video (that way you can put together a great thank you DVD of the event). Use the printable DVD labels and customize the thank you.

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