Horse Cake

by Olivia
(Orlando, Florida, USA)

Horse Cake

Horse Cake

I decided to try out making a horse cake for the Kentucky Derby. I figured that I might need the trial run. The horse cake was a lot easier than I had expected … except my hand did get sore, so I iced the cake at two times.

I made my favorite chocolate cake recipe and after extra spraying the pan, I put the batter into the horse cake pan. It took only a couple of minutes longer to cook than usual, so make sure you check when the cake is cooked. I then let the cake cool in the horse cake pan for about ten minutes. Then with a sharp bread knife I cut off the bottom of the cake (using the pan as my guide line). I then put the cake onto a platter and let it cool the rest of the way.

As for icing, I only needed to create a couple of colours. I made life simple and used store bought icing in chocolate and vanilla. I then with die used the chocolate icing to make the black eye colour, and I used the vanilla for the white and to die the yellow for the harness. Then, I mixed the chocolate and vanilla together to create the lighter brown horse shade (my simple little secret). That made the chocolate frosting perfect for the mane of the horse. I did use a lot of icing for the mane, but it then looks real. I layered the hair, starting with the closer to the face hair strands and the longer strands go over top.

The chocolate Horse Birthday Cake was delicious and I will be making it again for the Kentucky Derby and for my grandson’s horse birthday party.

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