Wonder Pets Party Ideas

Wonder Pets Party

You’re on our way to the cutest Wonder Pets Party. The phone, the phone is ringing … and Linny (Guinea Pig), Ming-Ming (Duck), and Tuck (Turtle) are ready to fly away from the classroom to help celebrate your little one’s special day. The Wonder Pets trio are here to help save the party animals with spreading their Teamwork fun! This is Serious!

Wonder Pets Party Supplies

Get everything you need for your Wonder Pets Birthday in this Party Pack!

Wonder Pets Deluxe Birthday Box
- $ 55.99
Our Wonder Pets Deluxe Party Box includes everything you need to throw the perfect party for your little one and 7 guests! Contents include full tableware for 8, a variety of Wonder Pets party decorations, and birthday candles.

  • To make Homemade Wonder Pets Party Invitations, sketch and cut out the Fly Boat on red cardstock paper. Download a drawing or use stickers of the 3 characters – Linny, Tuck and Ming-Ming and put them onto the Fly Boat. Write a cute saying:
    “We’re on our way to celebrate ____’s # Birthday. Come have some teamwork fun with us at my Wonder Pets Party!”

  • Pre-made Wonder Pets Birthday Invitations (found in the picture link above) are fantastic invitations that have great pictures of the characters, and the best part is that they are also color throughout the inside. They are also a time saver since they come with all your party information written on the invitations.

  • The above Wonder Pets Decoration kit includs some of the following:
  • Wonder Pets napkins
  • Wonder Pets plates
  • Wonder Pets cups
  • Wonder Pets table cover
  • Wonder Pets centerpiece
  • Wonder Pets Birthday Banner
  • Wonder Pets Party hat or Ming-Ming Mask
  • Wonder Pets party blowers
  • Red and Green star Mylar balloons
  • Wonderful Pets Personalized Banner
  • Use the color Theme red, green and yellow for balloons and streamers
  • Set up different areas for the themes
    • Reading area (for beginning)
    • Coloring area – lots of crayons and coloring sheets
    • Paint area
    • Cooking center. Have chef hats and aprons for your guests to wear
  • Have Wonder Pet toys and games spread around
  • Draw / paint large cut outs of Linny, Tuck, Ming-Ming and especially the Fly Boat to hang on the wall

Wonder Pets Party Games and Activities

Wonder Pets Pinata
  • Start with some Wonder Pets coloring sheets

  • Guinea Pig play Get a large appliance box and fill it with shredded paper.

  • Painting Center Set out a large plastic table cloth on the floor for your guests to paint on. Get each guest a real canvas (also great for a party favor) and lots of types of paint brushes. *Hint use an empty egg carton to hold the different colors of paint and another hint is to use garbage bags to keep their clothes clean (cut large holes for the arms and head).

  • Dress the Wonder Pets Have cut outs of the Wonder Pets and have the guests glue them onto construction paper. Also have lots of cut outs of clothing, hats, etc. Let your guests dress the characters (just like the video game).

  • Decorate the Fly Boat Have a large empty box (or tissue box) to be the Fly Boat. Have the guests decorate the fly-boat … then the can play in it, or with it.

  • Save the Caterpillar Make a caterpillar craft. Use empty egg cartons. Cut them so you have a strip of 4 bumps together. Use a pipe cleaner for the tentacles (help put the holes in the head for them to fit through). Use makers to color your caterpillar. You can also decorate with jewels, colored puff balls, glitter, etc.

  • Save Ming-Ming’s cousins Use a small kiddy pool and fill it with many rubber ducks (try to find the ones dresses in career clothes that look different). Give the guests little nets and ask them to save a specific duck. Save them one at a time. You could also save lots of types of animals depending on what bath toys are available.

  • Linny’s Charades Linny is quite knowledge about zoology so make up charades with animal cards for the guests to act out

  • Good Eye Tuck Play eye spy with my little eye
  • Ming-Ming, Fly Boat! Play a version of duck duck goose.

  • Musical Chairs
  • Make some animal food, use animal cutters and with the guests make sugar animal cookies and decorate them. You can also make Jello Jigglers with the animal cookie cutters.

  • Fun Printable Party Games

  • More Kids Party Games

Wonder Pets Game

Wonder Pets Birthday Food

  • Fruit juice
  • Celery “This calls for some celery” as Linny would say
  • Fill the celery with cheese wiz or peanut butter (be careful of allergies)
  • Make a Wonder Pets Cake. Make it with a white base, pipe in colors to make a scene and add Wonder pet toppers for the Fly Boat and characters.
  • Make a Fly Boat Cake
  • Wonder Pet Cupcakes – use red, green and yellow icing and add the characters for the colourful toppers.
  • More fun cake ideas here

Wonder Pets Party Favors

Wonder Pets Favor Set
  • Wonder Pets Mask
  • Rubber duck
  • Wonder Pets stuffed animal
  • Wonder Pets stickers
  • Wonder Pets book (for reading or coloring)
  • Wonder Pets blower
  • Bubbles

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