Know Your Partner?

Ages: 21 and older (Adult Party Games)

Objective: Know Your Partner is a game where blindfolded participates try and identify their partners in a variety of ways.

Players: 4 or more couples

Materials: Oven mitts

Rules: There are two ways to play this game depending on your guests. One way is with players wearing oven mitts, the other not. You decide. First divide all the couples up into two teams, and have one team leave the room. Blindfold one of those players. Have the team that stayed in the first room sit in a row but in a different spot then they were earlier. When everyone is in place bring the other team back into the room. Other players can watch as their blindfolded team mate tries to identify his/her partner. You will then help the blindfolded player move from person to person as perform several physical tests. First test can be to hold hands with the other players. Next can be sitting on their lap. A final test can be to smell for perfume or cologne. Once that player has made it through all of their potential partners, the must make a guess. Did they choose their right partner? Take off the blindfold and find out. Repeat this process so that everyone has a chance to play. These are just a few ways to play. Be creative with your own detective moves for the players to perform.