Minnie Mouse Party Ideas

"Use this complete Minnie Mouse Party Guide to host your own Minnie Mouse birthday!"

Minnie Mouse Party
Everyone loves Minnie Mouse … whether from the classics or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Kids dream of going to Disney Land, so what a perfect party it would be to host a Minnie Mouse Birthday Party.

Minnie Mouse Party Supplies and Decorations

Minnie Mouse Deluxe Birthday Box

  • Be sure to send out Minnie Mouse Birthday Invitations and decorate your party room with Minnie Mouse plates, Minnie Mouse cups and Minnie Mouse napkins.

  • Use the colour theme pink, purple, and black

  • Tie a Pink and white polka dot bow to your front door to welcome your guests

  • Turn your house into the Clubhouse or Magic Kingdom castle

  • Hang Disney Posters

  • "Wrap" your paintings on the wall with Minnie Mouse wrapping paper or Minnie Mouse table cloth

  • Hang lots of colourful pink, red and purple balloons and streamers

  • Hang a Minnie Mouse Mylar balloon of the Birthday Girls chair

  • Tie a large pink and white polka dot bow to the Birthday Girl’s chair Mickey Mouse Clubhouse centerpiece

  • Hang a Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner

  • Minnie Mouse tablecloth (or a plain pink or purple tablecloth)

  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse wall decorations

Celebrate a 1st Birthday with Minnie Mouse!

Minnie's 1st Birthday Deluxe Box

Minnie Mouse Party Games and Activities

For a Baby Minnie Mouse Party use selective activities from this list that are more age appropriate for your guests

  • Use pink and white polka dot bows for the party hats
  • Paint their faces to look like Minnie Mouse
  • Make pink and red necklaces and bracelets
  • Learn a Minnie Dance
  • Karaoke with some Disney Music
  • Make some Minnie Mouse Rice Crispies (use a cookie cutter)
  • Play Minnie Says (like Simon Says)
  • Mickey, Mickey, Mickey, Minnie (like duck, duck, goose)
  • Pin the bow on Minnie (like pin the tail on the donkey)
  • Musical Chairs. Use Disney Music (many CDs are available)
  • Disney Charades with your favourite Disney Characters
  • If guests are tired put on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or the new Minnie Mouse Movie
  • Fun Printable Birthday Games
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Minnie Mouse Birthday Food

  • Pink lemon aide
  • Make your own ice-cream sundae. Use large clear glass containers and fill each with different toppings (go to a bulk food store and look at pink and purple candies, Smarties, etc.)
  • Have a variety of ice-cream flavours: Neapolitan, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate
  • Cupcakes work really well at younger aged parties. Use Minnie Mouse toppers
  • Be creative are decorate a Minnie Mouse Cake. Either draw Minnie on a rectangle slab cake, or use 3 round pans and attach them to make Minnie’s head (to make it easier use pink icing over the whole cake depending on how creative you are with cake decorating).
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