Exciting Outdoor Party Games

Here are some of our favourite outdoor party games. They can be fun to play at any age, and exciting to watch. Playing outdoor party games at your party encourages exercise and makes it entertaining. Remember to play safe and have a great time with these classic Outdoor Games!

Water Gun Fight
Try to keep dry! Out soak your opponent using whatever you can! ...

Three Legged Race
Work with a partner with three legs better then two race ...

Wheel Barrel Race
Be the cargo, or carry it. Another partner race of speed and coordination ...

Hula Throw
Try and throw a ball through the hoop. Each time it gets further and further ...

Dizzy Lizzy Race
Spin round and round then try to race without falling to the ground. ...

Water Limbo
How low can you go under a water limbo ...

Printable BBQ Party Games!

BBQ Party Games Pack
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Looking for BBQ party games? Once you see these amazing BBQ party ideas, you'll be hosting BBQs galore! Our BBQ Games Pack includes Saucy Buns Mad Libs, What's Wrong With This Burger? Left-Right gift exchange game, Pick The Party Stars, Beers of the World printable placemats trivia game, Spicy Food Trivia, BBQ Roundup Kids' Scavenger Hunt, Wine Trivia and much more.

Bubble Blowing Contest
How big or how many bubbles can you blow against the clock ...

Clothes Peg Race
Clip as many clothes pegs on your opponents as you can ...

Elephant Race
Hold on to your team mates as you race ...

Sponge Bob Race
Race to fill your bucket full of water using a sponge ...

Frozen Caveman Tag
When your "it" try and freeze as many caveman as you can without others unfreezing them. ...

Dodge Ball
A classic game of hit and miss. ...

Shoe Toss
How far can your shoe go? Let's find out ...

Tug Of War
A strength battle between two teams ...

Printable Camping Party Games!

Camping Games Pack
- $ 19.95
Looking for fun games for camping trips? Our printable Camping Games Pack will pitch a tent in your family's heart! Includes a pack of seven kids' activities for camping, Rainy Day games, Camp-Tastic Mad Libs, Cute Critters Trivia, Camping Olympics, Tent Charades and much more.

~ More Outdoor Party Games ~

While blindfolded, try and hit the pinata to retrieve hidden treasures. ...

Balloon Sandwich Race
Place a balloon between two team mates as they work together down the race track. ...

Piggy Back Race
Hop on your partners back and go ...

Scavenger Hunt
Find a list of hidden objects around the yard ...

What's Your Favourite Party Game?

Do you have a great party game that was a hit at your party or someone else's? Share it with others, and let them have fun too!

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Truth or Dare Not rated yet
One person asks another person, "Truth or dare?" If that person should ask truth, you ask a question about their life and they have to answer truthfully. …

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