Rock Star Party Ideas

Have a Rock Star Party!

Who doesn’t grow up idolizing Rock Stars and wanting to be one? They live a glamorous lifestyle of fashion, travel, cars, etc. Why not live your dream on your birthday and become a Rock Star yourself at your own Rock Star Birthday Party!

Rock Star Party Supplies and Decorations

  • To make Rock Star Invitations use empty CD cases and make custom sticker fronts to the CDs with the Rockstar Party information. On the CD you can make a custom CD for your friends with all your favourite tunes.
  • One night only concert tickets with details of your party. Again the computer can do wonders for the concert tickets. Use thick paper in your printer or to make the concert tickets glossy you could laminate the individual tickets.
  • Create a backstage pass (either these could be made at home or bought). Make on cardstock paper, track down the carrying case with the neck strap.
  • Use the colour theme of orange, black, blue (or your favourite rock colours)
  • Hang lots of streamers and balloons
  • Hang posters of your favorite Rock Stars
  • Hang a welcome sign to the "Sold Out Event"
  • Have Inflatable Instruments (especially microphones and guitars)
  • Hang a Disco ball
  • Set up strobe lights
  • Use black lights
  • Set up a stage for Karaoke
  • Have a Red carpet area

Rock Star Birthday Party Games and Activities

  • Set up a stage and have a real concert with a real band
  • Have extra instruments for guests to become the stars of the evening in a jam session
  • Set up a karaoke machine and have a karaoke party
  • Have a DJ area filled with music, spin table, earphones, etc.
  • Play the Wii or your gaming choice Rock band, Sing it, etc.
  • Play a video of a favourite artists concert
  • Go to a live concert
  • Rent a limo to get there and back This would truly be a rock star party to remember!

Rock Star Theme Party Food

Rock Stars love strange and wondrous things and food to be present in their dressing rooms, so your Rock Star Party should be no different have all you favourites.

  • Use lots of clear glass containers to hold all the treats (e.g. mason jars and they come in all different sizes)
  • Smarties
  • Marsh mellows
  • Chips
  • Pretzels (chocolate covered)
  • Fruit kebobs. Prepare before hand on extra long sticks and they will look like a floral arrangement adding colour and maturity
  • Nachos
  • Wings (have wet napkins available)
  • Pizza
  • Drinks depend on the age. Trendy Rock Star drinks, pops and mock tails (if underage)
  • Star shaped cake for a Rock Star
  • Share Your Rock Star Cake Ideas Here!

Rock Star Theme Party Favors

  • Custom made CD
  • DVD of a favourite concert
  • Fake Tatoos

Rock Star Birthday Bash!

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