Cool Teen Party Games

"These Teen Party Games are a blast!"

Having some Teen Games planned for your next party, will get every up and having a blast. Being a Teenager can be challenging at best. However, teens still want to party and have fun too!

Here are some of our favorite Teen Games for you and your friends to enjoy! Have some of your own games? Add Them Here!

Spoon Man

Category: Teen Party Games

Objective: While blindfolded, try and guess to who the person is by only using wooden spoons

Players: 4 or more

Materials: 1 blindfold 2 wooden spoons

Rules: Blindfold one player. That player is given 2 wooden spoons one for each hand. The player will attempt by only using the spoons to try and figure out who the people are in the room. No talking allowed. When the blindfolded player correctly guesses someone's identity, they are no longer 'it'. They game now moves on to the next player. A few house rule are in order about using the spoons below the waist. Out of bounds! - even to the spoons.

Butter Fingers

Category: Teen Party Games

Objective: Butter Fingers is a race where players try and unwrap a gift while wearing oven mitts.

Players: 4 or more

Materials: enough wrapped gift boxes and oven mitts per player

Rules: Before your guests arrive wrap several gift boxes really well with lot of paper and tape! The more the better. Have all the players sit in circle and give them each a pair of oven mitts to put on. Hand out one of the gifts to each player. When everything is in place, players will then attempt to open the gifts with their hands without taking their mitts off. If you want place a kazoo or party blower inside the box so that the player must be the first to blow the kazoo to win. For added challenge, blindfold the players!

Memory Game

Category: Teen Party Games

Objective: A Memory Game of trying to remember your surroundings when blindfolded.

Players: 4 or more

Materials: blindfold, a list of items to remember

Rules: Have the player have a good look around the party room and take in as many details as they can. Have them try to remember certain colors or where people are sitting or even what people are wearing. Then have that player leave the room and come back to the room blindfolded. Quiz the player about their surroundings and see what they remember. If they came with a partner, ask them questions about them or another specific individual. This could get interesting!

Taste Buds

Category: Teen Party Games

Objective: What is it? Guess the mystery food or drink by using your Taste Buds!

Players: 4 or more

Materials: several different types of food or drink

Rules: Before the game starts prepare the different kinds of food or drink that the players will try. You may use different kinds of ice cream or desserts, or some spicy food for fun. For an adult party, try different types of alcoholic beverages mixed with pop or juice. This can be a multiple choice game if players are having trouble guessing the mystery food. To play, blindfold the player and give them the food or drink to try. Have them guess what it is. Are they right? For a baby shower try using baby food. Take the labels off and pass the jars around. Have everyone make their guess on a piece of paper. The person with the most correct wins!

Rice Clips

Category: Teen Party Games

Objective: A fun game of Rice Clips is where blindfolded players try to find as many paper clips as they can in a bowl of rice.

Players: 3 or more

Materials: rice, paper clips, bowls, blindfolds

Rules: This game is best played at a table, or around a coffee table with players on their knees. Give each player a medium to large bowl filled half way with uncooked rice. Place and even number of small paper clips in each bowl and mix them in. Blindfold each player. This is a good time for some house rules. No turning the bowl upside down, and no throwing the rice out in a mad scramble to find the clips. When everyone is ready players must then with their hands try and pick out as many paper clips as they can. You can make this a timed event or wait until the first person finds them all. When they do, they are the winner!


Category: Teen Party Games

Objective: Match your hands and feet on the twister mat with the color and limb selected by the color wheel. Other players do the same at the same time without falling over.

Players: 3 or more

Materials: Twister the board game, or make your own by using a pattern blanket.

Rules: In a large area, spread the mat on the ground. One player spins the color wheel. Players will attempt whatever color and designated limb the dial lands on. If a player falls during a move, he or she is out. Last one standing wins! Alternative: This game works well with theme parties. Substitute colors with theme related pictures

Human Knot

Category: Teen Party Games

Objective: Make a Human Knot by having all the players stand in a circle and put their arms out and grab the hands in front of them. Now try and untangle to make a circle again!

Players: 5 or more

Materials: team work

Rules: This is a great icebreaker or team building game for any age. On a large grassed area have all the players stand in a circle. Have all the players close their eyes and put their arms out in front of them. Have players then walk forward and grab the hands of another player in the circle. Once everyone has a hold of a hand in each of theirs, players may then open their eyes. Players must then work together and try to untangle themselves. This may require some awkward moves and invasion of personal space, however it can be quite comical and a lot of fun! When the knot is untangled the game is over!

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Category: Teen Party Games

Objective: Charades is a kind of game where players try and guess what other players are as they act out different things.

Players: 6 or more

Materials: List of actable items. Eg. Animals, occupations, characters

Rules: Divide players into two teams. The first team starts by choosing a member to be first. The acting player privately views the action card. The player must then attempt to act out whatever was on the card. The acting player must not speak. Players from the same team then must guess at what they think it is. If they are correct after an allotted time, usually one minute they score a point. If an answer is not found the other team gets one united guess. If they are correct their team steals the point. If no answer is found, both teams are rewarded nothing and play continues with the other team. The team with the most points at the end wins!

Pretzel Straw Race

Category: Teen Party Games

Objective: A Pretzel Straw Race is when teams use straws to pass pretzels from person to person.

Players: 8 or more

Materials: large twisted pretzel, straws

Rules: Divide all the players into two teams. Give each player one straw. You can either play where players hold the straw in their hand, or in their mouth. Have the two teams stand in a line. When the race starts players must pass the pretzel from player to player using only the straw. If the pretzel falls teams must start over. The first teams to move the pretzel through the line wins!

Scavenger Hunt

Category: Teen Party Games

Objective: A Scavenger Hunt is game where players find a list of hidden objects around the yard.

Players: 4 or more

Materials: list of objects or hidden treasures

Rules: This is fun game to play at any age but, it does take a little organization and planning. It can also be played inside for younger players. Depending on the age of the players choose how difficult the challenges will be. Before the game begins pick objects outside for players to find. This can be done two ways. Either have a check list of items to find and once the player has found it they check it off their list. Or the other way is the players must physically find and take the object with them that are on the list. Have enough of the same object for every player to take with them. Once players have found every item on the list they must make their way back to the judge to see if they are the winner. The first player to find everything wins. For large groups you can divide the player into teams. For theme parties choose items that are theme related.

Lost and Found

Category: Teen Party Games

Objective: Lost and found is a game where teams verbally help a blindfolded member to try to find scattered objects.

Players: 4 or more

Materials: Blindfolds, various toys or objects

Rules: Blindfold one member of each team. Scatter the objects evenly on the playing field. State one of the items to find. Announce other players to begin giving verbal instructions to help their blindfolded team mate. Once the player finds the correct object they must bring it back to their team. The next member will then wear the blindfold, spin three times and try and retrieve the next item called. First team to retrieve all the objects wins!

Balloon Shaver

Category: Teen Party Games- Teen Birthday Games

Objective: Try and shave the shaving cream off a balloon without popping it.

Players: 4 or more

Materials: Balloons, shaving cream, razors, string

Rules: This game could get messy! Blow up enough balloons per players. With the string, hang the balloons from the ceiling, or tree if you are outside. Cover each balloon with shaving cream. Players must then attempt very carefully with the razor to remove the shaving cream. The first person done without popping the balloon wins!

The Mysterious Ice Cream

Objective: Try to be the first one to get the bubble gum out of the ice cream and then the first to blow the biggest bubble while being blindfolded.

Players: 3 or more

Materials: bowls of ice cream, bubble gum, blindfolds

Rules: Give every player a bowl of ice cream with a hidden piece of gum inside. (big enough not to choke on) While finding the gum, you must be blindfolded, but you can only use your mouth. This game is a real party hit. Everyone will love it. Its a game where everyone has a part to play. So grab your blindfolds and get started with one of the most fun party games you could ever enjoy at your famous party or get together.

Disclaimer: Please use caution with all party games. This game may pose a choking hazard.