42nd Birthday Party Ideas

42nd birthday party ideas party question from Joye E. from OKC, OK:

"What would be a good birthday party for someone who’s turning 42yr.
(my husband)? I need help! I’m lost on what to give.
Thanks, lost wife.

Perfect Party Ideas says:

For starters, pick a theme that he likes. Choose something that he is into. If he is into sports like basketball, baseball, golf, hockey or Nascar, you could go to a game or decorate with things from his favorite team or player.

Everyone at least once in their lives should be treated to a Surprise Party! If he has never been thrown one, maybe this is the year. Keep it simple, and have some friends hide in the house as he comes home or, wait in the backyard all ready to party!

To spice up the event, choose a party theme:

  • An old Hollywood theme is lots of fun, and have guests dress up!

  • Have a Casino Night. Set up poker tables, play other fun card games, or even play roulette! Use fake money and the skies the limit!

  • If he is adventurous, go to an amusement park! Roller coasters are fun at any age!

  • Get some friends and family together and go to a dinner theatre or go see a comedian. Some more adventure you could do is go sailing or deep sea fishing, or even book a hot air balloon ride.

  • Get tickets to go and see his favorite band

  • You could take a tour of a brewery or winery

  • Go bowling

  • Play a round of golf

  • Some other fun themes you could do are:
    • Back to the Future party
    • Luau party
    • 70's / Disco theme

  • Set up a karaoke machine and have a contest

  • Have a Mexican theme party with all fun decorations, a pinata and of course lots of Mexican food.

  • A really fun idea would be to host a murder mystery party!

  • Have an outdoor BBQ and after have a bon fire

  • Get some old photos and have everyone sign a guest book

  • Make play list of all his favorite music and play on a stereo or hire a DJ

42nd Birthday Party Ideas
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  • 42nd Birthday Party Ideas for Food

    For food ,set up a dessert buffet and have guest bring their favorites!

    Set up a buffet table and serve cold foods like pasta and potato salads, fruit and veggie trays, and little sandwiches

    More snacks could be devilled eggs, cheese and crackers For some hot food ideas, make meatballs in a crock pot.

    Some BBQ items: steak, chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, kabobs

    Order in Chinese or pizza

    If it’s a drinking crowd, set up a margarita bar!

    Good Luck! Have a great party!

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