Nemo Cake
Finding Nemo Birthday Cake

Nemo Cake ... Yummy! by Andrea (Ilderton)

Nemo Cake

For my son Anthony’s 2nd birthday party we hosted a Nemo Party. For the party I made a Nemo Birthday Cake. I used a Nemo birthday cake pan and made a chocolate cake. The Wilton Cake Pan left indents for where I needed to fill in the different types and colours of icing (black, orange and white). I used the Wilton icing tip #3 to make Nemo’s eye, and the Wilton icing tip #16 to make the rest of the Nemo birthday cake. The cake looked just like him! The only thing that I would change for next time would be to make the end of the tail orange because it was a lot of black icing which did turn the kid’s teeth a little purple for part of the party (oops). The Finding Nemo birthday cake tasted and looked fantastic!

Nemo Cake

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