Princess Party Ideas

Your little girl will love a Princess Party!

Princess Party Welcome to the enchanted Kingdom of “your child’s name”. In this magical world, all the guests will become a princess for the day at this unforgettable princess birthday. Girls of all ages dream of becoming a princess and living their dream in their fairyland adventure. The guests royal dreams will come true at this ‘once upon a time’ Princess birthday.

Princess Party Supplies and Decorations

  • Use a colour theme of pink, purple or lime green
  • Hang white twinkle lights
  • Twirl colored streamers together and hang from the ceiling
  • Princess Mylar balloons
  • Play princess music (from favourite Disney movie or classical music)
  • Decorate the backs of chairs with a large bow (I would use large ribbon like you would see at a wedding)
  • Make a throne chair for the princess birthday girl. Use a living room wing chair and cover it with a pink slip cover
  • Hang a sign that say ‘Welcome to ____’s Enchanted Castle’
  • Make name place tags for the other princes, princesses, court gestures, etc. decorate with glitter glue and add a picture of a prince, princess, etc.
  • Hang decorative wall stickers. They are so cool. We used a large purple castle for our daughter’s 4th birthday and after the party we moved it to her room and it now is her ‘headboard’ for her bed. It still looks great and didn’t remove any paint from the walls!
  • Dress up centers – princess costume dress and shoes wardrobe center, painting nails salon, hair station (with tiaras for the guests), and jewellery vault (make sure you take lots of pictures)

Princess Costumes

So many Princess Costumes to choose from Click Costumes There are so many styles of Princess Costumes from Traditional Princess Costumes, Disney Princess Costumes, and Worldly Princess Costumes (Asian Princess Costume). Hours of dress up fun!

Princess Party Games and Activities

  • Hire a princess (or have a friend dress up as a princess) to come and teach the girls to properly wave. Do their hair and paint their nails, and once dressed they all become a princess for the day. Make sure you have a tiara and wand for all the princesses.

  • Have dress up centers:
    • Princess costume dress and shoes wardrobe center. Have a variety of costumes, shoes, feather boa

    • Painting nails salon. Set up like the real thing! Have the girls choose from pink, purple and glitter nail polish (don’t forget the hand massage, and dipping the fingers warm lemon water first). Remember to ask the girls if they would like some tea while their nails are getting done (pink lemonade in tea cups). Invite some of your friends to help with the different centers (fun for all ages).

    • Hair station (with tiaras for the guests) Have different brushes, mirrors, and hair clips to choose from. When the hair is done remember to add a traditional diamond tiara, or a ribbon / flower head wrap.

    • Jewellery vault (make sure you take lots of pictures). Have a wide variety of jewellery – necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc.

  • Picture time when all are dresses. These glamour shots will be adorable. If you have an adult princess have them in the pictures with the kids.

  • Blow bubbles / rent a bubble making machine

  • Make / decorate a tiara or crown and a princess sash

  • Make a Treasure box. Have shoe boxes for the guests, spray paint them and have the guests decorate them with glitter glue, jewels (you can get lots at the ‘dollar’ type stores), feathers, etc. These boxes will all be a unique craft to take home.

  • Make / decorate a large castle ( use a large appliance box)

  • Make your own jewellery. Provide the necessary items to create a necklace or bracelet (make sure the beads, etc are large enough for the guests little fingers.

  • Pin the wand or tiara on the princess

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Princess Party Food

  • Sparkling punch (your favourite juice with ginger ale)
  • Pink lemonade (serve in tea cups)
  • Strawberries dipped in chocolate
  • Crown shaped sugar cookies
  • Ice-cream sundae station (different flavours of ice-cream, sauces, strawberries, candies, sprinkles)
  • Cupcakes or a shaped princess cake (cake could be shaped like a princess, castle, horse carriage, wand, or princess hat)
  • Tiara Cake
Princess Cake
Princess Cake

Shared by Kathy

Princess Party Favors

  • Rings
  • Necklace
  • Tiara
  • Princess photo frame with their picture inside
  • Princess party blower
  • Journal and feather pen
  • Lip gloss

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