Heroes day with Harley-Davidson

by bebbie
(Surabaya, Indonesia)


# Where : Surabaya, Indonesia
# When : around November 2010
# Age of guests : 25-50th
# Any Other Useful Party Details : outdoor party, 500 guest more or less, 10 hours..

I have an idea for a party to commemorate a heroes day, along with my H-D community .. because this event is an outdoor party, I choose the theme of carnival .. I wanted to ask is ..

1. What should the content of stalls to be provided?
2. kinds of outdoor games that can be used for these age ranges?
3. how to match heroes days, harley davidson with a carnival theme?
4. If we want to include social activities, preferably in the form of what?
5. what entertainment should be held to enliven the atmosphere?

thanks before for your help

A: What a great idea for a party, and it sounds like a lot of fun! It also sounds like you will need a lot of help in order it organize such an event! Our Party Check-List will help you get started.
Depending on your venue, you will need to think of the following: Bathroom facilities, first aid and security and fire code regulations for number of guests per size of venue.

For activities, for a Carnival theme perhaps there is a company in your area that specializes in such a thing. Setting up booths with various games and activities as well as food centers will help “move” party goers along to enjoy different activities at the same time. There are of course some classic “outdoor” games that could we played in a large playing area. Setting up teams to play Tug of War, or various running races or relay events would be lots of fun to play and to watch.

Having live entertainment such as a Hypnotist, Magician, Comedian or a live Band would help “Enliven” the atmosphere and will be entertaining for guests.

If by-laws permit, have a fire works display at the end of the evening

To commemorate a heroes day, organizing a Ride with your H-D community would be a fitting way to celebrate. Even incorporating a fun raiser or having a ”Charity Ride” would encourage more participants.

More resources from this site:
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Good luck with your Party!
Please come back in November and Share Your Story and tell us how it was.

This Question is also open to anyone else who has some ideas for this event. Just leave your suggestions in the comment form below!

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