65th Birthday Party Activities

by Lee Sandz
(Omaha NE)

Q: I am having a birthday dinner for my mom at a local restaurant in Omaha Ne, on May 13th. There will be a variety of age groups so I need a couple of activities that can be done at a table where everyone can interact.

Perfect Party Ideas Says: That sounds like fun! A restaurant is a great place to host a party. We've found these great printable party games that a perfect for such occasions. You can print as many copies as you need from home and bring them to the restaurant! One of our favorites is the Been There, Done That party game which is a great game to get everyone involved in a fun conversation.

Since you're having your party in Omaha NE, this Nebraska Trivia game would be perfect!

If there are kids invited, try this great selection of Printable Games!

There are also a few more party game ideas on our Adult Party Games page that are lots of fun!

I hope this helps and you have a great party!!

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